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Terms and conditions
We sell our solutions only to reliable partners because the quality of anti-theft systems primarily depends on the installer's skills.
Unique technologies
IGLA is a unique device to protect your car against all known ways of theft.
It has no analogs on the market!
Own make
We invent, design, and manufacture in Saint Petersburg.
Reliable technical support
We organize technical trainings and workshops for our products.
Reliable products
We are engaged in installation ourselves. Therefore, we know that the overall success much depends on the installer's skills
We are pioneers
We have been the first to develop CAN lock for new models.
We are trusted
Since its inception, AUTHOR Team have installed over 300,000 systems around the world. Not a single theft recorded so far!
Regular workshops by our experts
Patented and certified technology
Support by partners in your region
New partners are welcome!
You are just a few steps away from becoming an absolute leader on your car security market with the most reliable anti-theft system — IGLA.

This unique device provides ultimate protection, so it has prevented car thefts for 12 years with no thefts recorded so far. Thanks to patented technology and innovative digital blockings, IGLA reliably protects against all known ways of theft and has no analogs on the market.

Currently, IGLA is available in 33 countries. We are happy to share a business model that you can easily use and adjust for your market.

Let's make your country safe again!
Earn on the latest developments
Our technology of car locking via the CAN bus has found strong demand not only among customers but also hundreds of partners. Easy to install, no additional wires, and reliable — that's IGLA, our flagship anti-theft system.
Anti-theft devices for cars
Check out our products to protect your car against all known ways of theft:
— IGLA-based security systems
AUTHOR Team started out as three friends who believed in new technologies. We have worked hard and now our solutions enjoy strong demand among over 200,000 consumers. Why?

We believe in our product and we believe in people. Just like 7 years ago, we are sure that everything is possible.
Each set is assembled in EU with top quality components
We regularly check the build quality and also carry out sudden checks
We sell our systems through certified distributors only