OBD BLOCK - OBD Protection Device, additional module


OBD BLOCK is designed to protect the OBD-II diagnostic connector from unauthorized access. Using the system allows you to prevent the hacking of regular software when connected to the OBD diagnostic connector and thus protects the car from theft.
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How it works?

The OBD-II connector is located in the car’s interior, and intruders can easily connect to it. Having access to the control electronics, you can manipulate the vehicle’s standard software: for example, to issue a command to start the engine and leave on your car.

OBD BLOCK consists of an adapter key and a digital relay. Unique digital key is recorded in the relay memory, which allows uniquely identifying the adapter from the kit. A digital relay is installed inside the wiring. The relay is integrated in the diagnostic circuit of the car, and the adapter remains with the owner.

Blocking process

It is no longer necessary to "rewrite" the connector, breaking the standard order of the location of its contacts (and losing the warranty for the car!), And come up with individual adapters for the diagnostic connector.
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Individual electronic key and stealth installation

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An additional analog output blocks any circuits to start the engine

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The possibility of blocking the analog output of additional lines

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Breaking the 2 circuits of the diagnostic line increases the reliability of protection

Interested in product? Check the compatibility of the system with your car or order the installation

Instruction and documentation

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Interested in the product? Check the compatibility of the system with your car or order the installation