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AUTOSTART is designed to start the car remotely. AUTOSTART enables to warm up the engine and the car interior in cold weather in advance, and also to cool down the interior on hot days.
How it works
When AUTOSTART receives a start command, the anti-theft system is turned off and the starter rotor turns. With a normal and successful start of the engine, the car's yellow warning lights flash or the LED key indicator flickers.
The AUTOSTART module is both a keyless bypass of the standard immobilizer and a power module. No need to leave the key in the car or connect additional devices.
Benefits and features:
  • Start controlled via standard keyfob.
  • Engine blocked if security zones are violated in autostart mode.
  • Start controlled via the CAN bus without connecting to power wires.
  • Fuel control
  • Start time set from 5 minutes.
  • Door, hood or trunk opened in the autostart mode, the engine will shut off automatically.
  • Autostart controlled via the GSM module.
  • Engine monitored remotely.