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OBD BLOCK is designed to protect the OBD II diagnostic port against unauthorized access and software hacking.
How it works
Thieves will NOT get access to OBD II data without the owner's digital connector.
OBD BLOCK consists of an adapter key (connector) and a digital relay that detects the adapter. While the adapter remains with the owner, the relay is integrated in car wiring.
Operating principle:
Insert the OBD Block adapter to get connected to the OBD II port and enable data reading
Verify adapter via digital relay.
It is automatically verified that the key matches the electronic key recorded in the digital relay
Once the adapter is approved by relay, OBD II is ready for data collection, and diagnostics. If not, the relay will block the access.
You no longer have to "reprogram" the port, breaking the standard order of its contacts (and losing the car warranty!). No need to come up with individual adapters for the diagnostic port.
Benefits and features
  • Individual adapter option and reliable protection.
  • Additional analog output blocks any circuits that may start the engine.
  • Blocking the analog output of additional lines.
  • Breaking two circuits of the diagnostic line increases protection reliability.
Operating manual

Download OBD BLOCK operating manual here (.pdf)