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Miniature immobilizer reliably protects the car from theft. Disarming by entering the PIN. The relay of additional blocking of engine AR-20 in the complete set. Suitable for most popular brands and models of cars.
Модуль изображения
Модуль изображения
Модуль изображения
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Smart approach to security

of your car.

Immobilizer KVANT reliably protects the car from theft by blocking the chains critical for starting the engine. Remove the lock by entering the PIN with the standard buttons.You can use the multi-button on the steering wheel or connect additional hidden buttons. Built-in accelerometer – a configurable motion sensor with 5 levels of sensitivity. Does not give out its presence until the lock is triggered.

Engine blocking

Protection in two modes: before the ignition is switched on or when the engine is running. It is possible to select engine blocking according to a predefined event: start of travel, ignition on, automatic transmission. The lock will work if the immobilizer is in the armed mode, if the PIN code is not entered, or entered incorrectly.

Benefits and functions of the system

The smallest non-digital immobilizer
on the market of security systems.
Reliably hides in the depth
of the regular posting
The most inexpensive
immobilizer in the range
of security products "Author".
Designed for popular brands
and models of cars
The service mode temporarily disarms
the protection when transferring the
vehicle to the maintenance or diagnostics.
Call the master pin and not report the device.
Enter the PIN code with standard buttons.
Support for digital buttons on the steering
wheel; easy dubbing; Forgotten
password recovery.

Got interested in our products? Check the compatibility of the system with your car or order the installation.

Operating manual


KVANT 120 operating manual here (.pdf)
KVANT 231 operating manual here (.pdf)

Interested in the product? Check the compatibility of the system with your car or order the installation