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Anti-Theft Car

Anti-Theft Car Devices is the main core in your car's safety, that build a complex car protection against theft.
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Additional modules that will increase your comfort and pleasure of driving your car, and also increase your safety.
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Our main advantages

The group of companies “AUTHOR” began with 3 masters who believed in technology, from which everyone dismissed. We did not have any masters or big clients, but now our products are used by more than 200 000 people. Why?

We believe in our product and we believe in people. And like 7 years ago, we are sure that nothing is impossible.

Each set is assembled in St. Petersburg with the best components that we managed to find
We regularly check the build quality and make sudden checks to our production workers
We sell our systems only with the installation. Hijackers will have to sweat fairly to get our system for experiments