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System compatibility
System compatibility
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Where do you store the car?
Most hijackings occur wherever you are most often: at home or at work. Although in the parking lot your car is looked after, in our experience, hijackings also occur from private parking.
Authorization method
As it is more convenient for you to shoot a car with a lock: using a smartphone and mobile application, or a label. In any case, you can always disarm the car by entering the PIN code with the standard auto buttons.
Unfortunately, 100% protection against theft on the tow truck does not exist. In order to respond quickly to this method of theft, and there is monitoring. On the basis of tracking modules you can also expand the system of autorun. Without tracking, this feature is not supported.
With "Autorun" you can remotely warm up the car in winter and cool in the summer. And spend the time saved on something more useful. The autorun module has many settings. Therefore, you will configure the system exactly as you need it.