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IGLA 3.11 firmware update
IGLA 3.11 update
Dear Colleagues and Partners,

We are delighted to announce the release of IGLA 3.11. This is not just an update, but a real breakthrough in the system's functionality and ease of use. Both installers and IGLA owners will surely benefit from it.
IGLA 3.11 update: a new level of configuration flexibility and ease of use

This is not just an update but a new level of safety and comfort in driving.

Following our mission to provide an impeccable safety record and comfort for car owners, we are working hard to make our solutions even greater.


  • Output to horn (For IGLA Alarm)

In case of alarm events, it is now possible to control the horn in the pulse mode. This makes protection even stronger.

  • Source for the status of the hood limit switch

The system has become more flexible. Now you can choose the source for the status of the hood limit switch.

  • Digital blocking of automatic transmission

Now you can easily enable or disable the digital blocking of the automatic transmission according to your preferences.

  • Flexible settings for managing of extra options

They enable the installer to adjust IGLA in line with specific features of a particular car.

  • Factory reset

Now you can easily reset the device to factory settings.

We hope that the release of IGLA 3.11 will be another big step towards excellence in the safety and comfort of driving.

Thank you for being with us!