raptor- anti theft car device working only on the CAN-bus


RAPTOR - a miniature device that blocks the engine and other systems of the car via the digital CAN bus. In fact, a truncated version of the system "IGLA", working only on the CAN-bus. Authorization with the help of a label. The AR-20 interlock relay is integrated to implement an additional protection loop.
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How it works?

When you turn the ignition key, your car starts to generate a lot of electrical signals. Each of them is a binary code: a combination of zeros and ones.

For example, to start a gasoline pump, you need to send the code “101010”. If we open the electrical circuit, the hijacker will quickly understand what the reason is. But if we send “111111” instead of “101010”, then the signal will go, and the gasoline pump will not work.

Multiple blocking
ways: from changing tact
candles to the gasoline pump
It's impossible to ring
electrical circuit and
determine the place of the bookmark
It is impossible to intercept
by retransmission
Difficult to find
IGLA in the wiring
because of its small size
Engine and automatic
transmission blocking
without electric circuit break
Authorization with labels
Safe for the engine.
Car warranty is
No additional
key fobs and

Interested in product? Check the compatibility of the system with your car or order the installation



Download RAPTOR operating manual here (.pdf)

Interested in the product? Check the compatibility of the system with your car or order the installation