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IGLA PRO is an upgraded IGLA version for enhanced security. It supports both 12V and 24V cars and trucks. IGLA PRO provides more room for device connection thanks to 2CAN & 2LIN buses included and allows adding more comfort functions.
Intellectual protection for premium cars and trucks
IGLA PRO is a unique device designed to protect the car against theft and carjacking. Authorization is via a keyfob, smartphone, or a personal PIN code set by the owner.

It cannot be detected by any scanning device since it does not give itself away until you get authorized. Being tiny in size, just like IGLA, it can be installed almost anywhere in the car.
Digital blockings
Have you ever wondered in which ways digital blocking differs from analog blocking? Most devices currently present on the market still use simple analog blockings via relay, which is easily found and unblocked by thieves.

Digital locking is a fundamentally new approach to car security. There is no need to install any relay: all communication is via CAN & LIN buses.

This means that CAN-based devices do speak the same language as the car!
  • Intellectual digital blockings
  • Authorization via PIN code, smartphone, or keyfob
  • Anti-carjacking mode
  • Service mode — anti-carjacking with safe engine shut-off
  • Comfort functions available
  • No monthly fees
Documentation for anti-theft system on a new platform


Documentation for anti-theft system


IGLA PRO Installation