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Two-factor authorization by IGLA systems
We live in the world of IT. Information technologies are at the center of everything we see and use. Hence, any device and data need a reliable protection with several frontiers.
Two-factor authorization is one of the most common methods of such protection.

It provides an extra protection level for user data or accesses. Alongside with a standard password, the technology requires an additional authorization.

IGLA systems are proud to offer such protection.

Two-factor authorization is an extended security mode where it is required to provide a keyfob/smartphone and enter a PIN code to disarm the system.

In this mode, the engine starts only if two conditions are met:

  1. The owner has provided a keyfob or smartphone.
  2. The PIN code is entered with the car's standard buttons.

By default, the Two-factor Authorization mode is disabled. To enable the mode, activate a relevant menu item:

  1. Turn on ignition but do not start the engine. Get authorized via the PIN code, keyfob or smartphone.
  2. Press the gas pedal as far as it goes and keep it pressed.
  3. Push the service button 24 times in a row. If successful, 24 indication signals will follow.
  4. Release the gas pedal.

The mode is disabled if you:

  1. Select another authorization mode.
  2. Unpair keyfobs/smartphones from the device.
  3. Carry out an emergency reset of the PIN code.

With IGLA, rest assured that intruders will not be able to take possession of your car simply by stealing your smartphone, key, or keyfob.

If the main way to unlock your car is no longer available, the system will ask you to enter the PIN code via the car's standard buttons.

For more details, just contact installation centers in your region.