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Meet the new module — SIREN BT!
Dear Colleagues and Partners,

AUTHOR Team are delighted to announce the release of a new product — AUTHOR SIREN BT.
AUTHOR SIREN BT is a compact wireless piezoelectric siren designed to work with IGLA ALARM security systems.
The module's distinctive feature is the wireless connection to the control device. To control the siren, there is no need to lay any additional wires. The control signal is transmitted from the main device via Bluetooth®.

Besides, SIREN BT is equipped with:
  • An input for monitoring the status of the hood limit switch.
  • An output for connecting an analog engine blocking relay controlled by the security system.
SIREN BT completely duplicates the information and alarm signals of the wired siren. Besides, the output to auxiliary blocking repeats the NC logic of the similar output in IGLA ALARM systems.
SIREN BT is not just a siren, but a multifunctional module controlled via Bluetooth®. The module helps you solve a wide range of tasks.

To connect SIREN BT to the security system, follow the steps below.
1. Make sure that the security system has the following firmware versions:
  • For the Bluetooth module — nRF v.8.1.0 or higher.
  • For IGLA — v.3.11.0 or higher.
2. Pair the siren with the security system, as specified in the installation manual.