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Dear Colleagues and Partners,

We are delighted to introduce a new product — AUTHOR KVANT 2. It is the next model in the line of analog immobilizers.
AUTHOR KVANT 2 is a universal, reliable, and user-friendly analog immobilizer designed to protect your car against theft or carjacking.

Main features and specifications:
  • The engine is blocked via a built-in relay with the maximum switching current of 20 A.
  • Anti-carjacking has two algorithms to protect you against any theft by means of force or intimidation.
  • Compact design allows hidden installation in the passenger compartment or underhood space.
  • There are three modes of engine blocking.
  • There are three authorization methods — via the keyfob / smartphone, or the PIN code.
  • It has outputs that help you control the auxiliary electromechanical hood lock.
  • You can configure the features via Bluetooth by using AUTHOR Flasher.
  • In case of need, you can use the Emergency code for authorization.

More about the product

AUTHOR KVANT 2 blocks the engine via a built-in relay with the maximum switching current of 20 A. That's why the device can be installed in any passenger car.

Depending on a preferred setting, the engine is blocked when: 1. ignition is on; 2. the automatic transmission is shifted; or 3. upon the start of driving on command from the built-in accelerometer.

Besides, AUTHOR KVANT 2 is equipped with an output that helps you control the auxiliary electromechanical hood lock. This provides even a stronger protection if the immobilizer is placed in the underhood space. This also prevents any theft of standard components and assemblies.


AUTHOR KVANT 2 supports three methods of disarming after turning on ignition:
  • Via a keyfob (up to two). The standard complete set includes two keyfobs.
  • Via a smartphone (up to two).
  • Via the PIN code entered with the service button.
AUTHOR KVANT 2 also supports the extended Two-factor Authorization mode. To get authorized, you would need to provide a keyfob / smartphone and enter the PIN code.

Indication is produced via the buzzer. It is part of the complete set.

The device is armed automatically in 10 seconds after you turn off ignition.

New mode — Anti-carjacking

Following your wishes, we have added the Anti-carjacking feature to the device.
The feature is designed to protect the car against any theft attempted by means of force or intimidation. For example, the criminal may force the owner to leave the passenger compartment while the car is stopped at an intersection, traffic lights, or some deserted place.

How it works
The feature monitors the status of the limit switches related to the driver door and the brake pedal. For this purpose, the device's yellow-green wire is connected to the limit switch of the driver door, and the white-red wire is connected to the limit switch of the brake pedal.

Activation stages
  1. The algorithm is enabled under the following conditions:
    1. With the engine running, the driver door remains open for longer than three seconds and the brake pedal is not pressed.
    2. The keyfob / smartphone is not within the device's recognition range for longer than 10 seconds.
  2. Warning. In 30 seconds after the start of driving, the device will be producing frequent sound signals. That is how the device reminds you to exit the mode. The signals last for 30 seconds, after which the device proceeds to the Engine blocking stage.
To exit the Anti-carjacking mode, provide a paired keyfob / smartphone or enter the PIN code. If successful, two service indication signals will follow.

  1. Engine blocking. Depending on a preferred setting, the device will block the engine:
- When holding the brake pedal for longer than five seconds and stopping the car completely.
- When ignition is off.

  1. Alarm mode. After the engine is blocked, the car will be producing light indication signals to draw the attention of others.
  2. To unblock the engine, turn on ignition, provide the paired keyfob / smartphone, or enter the PIN code.

Firmware update and configuration via AUTHOR Flasher

Alongside with configuration via the service button, AUTHOR KVANT 2 enables you to get connected to PC via Bluetooth for configuration via AUTHOR Flasher (v4.7 and higher). This makes the initial configuration of the device much easier and faster.

Besides, you can update the immobilizer firmware via AUTHOR Flasher (v4.7 and higher). This allows to add a new functionality and improve the existing one.

AUTHOR KVANT 2 is an innovative and multifunctional device that provides a strong protection for any car against theft. With the new Bluetooth-based configuration and Anti-carjacking mode, KVANT 2 is the best choice for those who value security and comfort.

Don't miss the opportunity to protect your car — choose KVANT 2 by AUTHOR-ALARM.