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AUTHOR Flasher V 4.8 update
Software update for AUTHOR Flasher
Dear Partners,

We are delighted to announce the updated AUTHOR Flasher 4.8.
What's new?

The new app version contains two extra settings for AUTHOR keyfobs.

  • Set up the keyfob recognition range
Now you can easily set up the distance within which AUTHOR IGLA or ALARM recognizes the keyfobs.

Use this setting to adjust the owner's distance to the car, so the system gets armed or disarmed.

  • Set up an alert about the keyfob battery charge
Use this setting to warn the owner well in advance that the keyfob battery needs to be replaced.

Every time you get authorized via the keyfob, the system checks the battery charge. If the battery is low, the owner will receive a relevant PUSH notification. At the same time, the alert will appear in the event log of AUTHOR Connect *.

* To enable PUSH notifications, the AUTHOR COMPASS or AUTHOR TELE COMPASS 2 telematic module must be installed together with IGLA/ALARM systems, and AUTHOR Connect with a registered account must be installed on the user's smartphone.

Besides, we have optimized the app in line with your comments and wishes. For example, we improved Flasher's stability and speed of operation thanks to advanced algorithms and bug fixes.

We value your feedback and care about your comfort.