We’re happy to launch the COMPASS C – the system of car location monitoring with a remote engine blocking function via CAN bus;

With the help of a user-friendly Author Connect mobile application (available for IOS and Android) installed on a car owner’s smartphone, the system allows controlling the car’s location and condition and can remotely block the engine’s work promptly if needed or in case of any danger.

The system consists of two devices that interact with each other through regular car’s wiring in the dialog exchange mode via CAN bus:

1. The GSM/GPS COMPASS module for:
  • Car location control via GPS and LBS (coordinates determination by cell towers); 
  • Control of additional customizable analog outputs;
  • Sending command for engine blocking/unblocking to IGLA C.

2. IGLA C for:
  • Digital engine blocking via CAN bus;
  • Engine blocking via additional relay;
  • Sending status messages regarding a car condition to COMPASS.