KORD extends the car's security functions by blocking the bonnet lock. This is the long-awaited simplified version of the already known control module for the electromechanical lock of the CONTOUR bonnet.
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Principle of operation

KORD is designed to control an additional installed electromechanical bonnet lock. The module is supplied as an addition to the anti-theft device IGLA and significantly expands the protective functions of the system. The communication between the devices takes place on the standard CAN bus in the encrypted dialogue mode, which excludes unauthorized access to the bonnet lock control.

In the KORD device, the open hood is monitored, i. E. When the hood is open, the bonnet lock function does not work.

  • The hood lock is closed in the following cases:
  • Arming the car (locking the central station)
  • 10 seconds after the ignition is turned off
  • When the anti-plague mode is activated (immediately after the start of the movement)
  • Closing the bonnet lock is not carried out if the IGLA device is in service mode
  • The opening of the bonnet lock takes place after the authorization of the IGLA

Even in the event that the car thief immobilizer or anti-theft system, KORD will continue to perform its function and will not allow you to open the hood.

KORD does not allow you to open
hood even when disconnected
Locking of Significant price reduction
by leaving only
the main function
The module works with popular
models of cars
economy class
Ultra-small dimensions
allow you to "roll over" in
standard wiring harnesses

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Operating manual


Download KORD operating manual here (.pdf)

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