IGLA CHECK helps you test the operability of IGLA systems

Dear Partners,

We are delighted to announce the release of a new product — IGLA CHECK.

IGLA CHECK allows you to test the operability of IGLA systems and quickly confirm that AUTHOR-ALARM devices are in good order. This can significantly reduce the number of faulty devices returned to the supplier, saving the company time and resources while increasing the efficiency of customer service.

IGLA CHECK helps you test the operability of CAN and LIN controllers as well as analog inputs and outputs of a tested device.

It supports devices based on 1CAN, 1CAN-1LIN, 2CAN-1LIN, and 2CAN-2LIN platforms. For example: IGLA, IGLA LITE, IGLA M, IGLA ALARM, IGLA ECO, and IGLA BASE.

Testing process

To carry out the test, connect the tested device to IGLA CHECK according to the diagram.

The testing process will start automatically.

If a malfunction is found, IGLA CHECK produces a sound signal.

Besides, the LED of IGLA CHECK produces a series of flashes, where the number of flashes corresponds to the malfunction.

Malfunction Indication Table
Number of sound signals and LED flashes Result
1 CAN1 malfunction
2 Input malfunction — yellow wire
3 Output malfunction — blue wire
4 Input malfunction — gray wire
5 Output malfunction — orange wire
6 LIN1 malfunction
7 CAN2 malfunction
8 Input malfunction — purple wire
9 LIN2 malfunction
Sound indication during one second at intervals of two seconds Test passed
To learn more about IGLA CHECK and how to purchase it, please contact our Sales.

We will answer your questions and help you use the tool.

Thank you for your trust and support!