IGLA ALARM — unique digital security system

IGLA ALARM is not only the smallest 2CAN 2LIN digital alarm in the world, but also AUTHOR's most comprehensive system. 
Advanced functionality, tiny size, and capacity to connect a large number of additional security and service modules make IGLA ALARM one of the most efficient and technically sophisticated car protection systems.

IGLA ALARM combines digital alarm and immobilizer functions. When armed, the device controls opening of the doors, hood, trunk, and turning on the ignition. Thanks to a built-in multifunctional sensor, it records such events as body shock, car tilt, or motion. 
Harnessing the power of an additional siren or proprietary GSM module, IGLA ALARM promptly notifies the owner of any attempt to break in or impact the car. It reliably protects your car against any theft attempts with cutting-edge software algorithms that prevent: 
  • Engine start or operation. 
  • Shift of the automatic transmission. 
  • Reprogramming of standard keys*. 
In case of carjacking, it blocks the engine at a speed safe for the driver and cars nearby. 

Two-stage arming/disarming:
  1. No need to use any extra control panels! Perimeter arming and disarming occurs automatically when the car is locked and unlocked with the standard key. 
  2. To unblock the engine and start driving, use 3 authorization methods — via PIN code entered with the car’s standard buttons, tiny Bluetooth keyfob (up to 2 keyfobs), or smartphone (up to 2). 

For maximum security, we offer two-factor and step-by-step authorization — disabling the engine blocking via Bluetooth keyfob/smartphone, and PIN code. 

Alongside with anti-theft functions, IGLA ALARM offers a wide range of additional comfort functions, such as automatic closing of windows and sunroof, folding of mirrors, automatic blocking of the central lock when starting to drive, and disabling of the Start-Stop system*.

Specific feature 
IGLA ALARM is so much more than a simple alarm or immobilizer! Our CAN-Dialog technology (device interaction via the car's standard wiring — CAN bus) enables IGLA ALARM to protect your car based on a modular principle. 

It allows to build anti-theft security sets where modules interact and carry out various tasks grouped into a comprehensive system aimed to strengthen the car's resistance to theft, enhance its functionality, and usability. 

*Functionality depends on the product version, as well as the car's make, model, and equipment. For more details, please go to the service website.

IGLA ALARM can be coupled with:
  • TOR — remotely controlled engine blocking relay to which you can connect a siren.
  • CONTOUR — hood lock control module to which you can connect a siren and an additional blocking relay — AR20.
  • COMPASS — GSM/GPS-module for remote control of the car's location, monitoring and control of IGLA ALARM’s security functions.

AUTHOR Team are constantly improving and expanding IGLA ALARM's functionality. The new version nRF v7.9.0 of the system's Bluetooth module software includes the following improvements:
  • Built-in shock and motion sensor substantially improved.
  • Tilt sensor enabled. It was disabled programmatically in the previous firmware version.
  • Fewer false alarms in severe frost or heat thanks to the new external temperature algorithm.
  • More flexible and accurate sensor adjustment — now you can configure sensor sensitivity in the range from 0 to 255.

To configure shock, tilt, and motion sensors: 
  1. Install the new Bluetooth firmware — nRF v7.9.0. For the firmware and user manual, please go to the service website

IMPORTANT! Since 17 August 2021, IGLA ALARM has had the software version nRF v7.9.0.
  1. Download and launch Author Flasher 4.01 (available at the service website).
  2. Put IGLA ALARM into the "PIN Change" mode (if the system is already installed in the car) or apply power to the device by connecting the black wire to “-”, and the red and gray wires to “+”.
  3. In Author Flasher 4.01, select IGLA2 ALARM and go to "Settings".
  4. Enable "Accelerometer".
  5. Use sliders to adjust sensor sensitivity. A sensitivity regulator is available for each single sensor.
  6. Click "Accept changes".

Strengths and benefits
  • Tiny size — easy to install, difficult to find.
  • Easy to install and no interference with the standard wiring.
  • Protects doors, hood, trunk, and ignition lock.
  • Built-in configurable shock, tilt, and motion sensor.
  • Several CAN and LIN blockings at the same time — blocking of engine, automatic transmission, and protection against reprogramming of standard keys.
  • Anti-carjacking mode with safe engine shut-off.
  • Handy service mode — temporarily disables security functions while your car is in a service center.
  • No subscription or any extra payments.
  • Perimeter protection armed and disarmed via standard key.
  • Authorization is via a Bluetooth keyfob, smartphone, or standard buttons.
  • Automatic closing of windows and sunroof, folding of mirrors, automatic locking of the central lock when you start driving, disabling of the Start-Stop system*.
  • Authorization is via a Bluetooth keyfob, smartphone, or standard buttons.
  • AR20 relay included in the set.
  • Reflashing and flexible configuration via Bluetooth.
  • Connect TOR or CONTOUR modules equipped with analog blockings and turn the system into a real fortress!