Is car tuning a reliable protection against theft?

They believe that protection against theft is efficient if classical and non-standard methods are combined.

For example, it’s often recommended to choose a car in bright colors or apply airbrushing to make the car noticeable — hence, unattractive for criminals because one can easily track it via CCTV. Such cars are also easily visible on the road, parking lot, or in the yard. There’s also a popular myth that if car body parts are sold, they’ll have to be repainted.

Recommendations to tune every free space of the car fall into the same category as airbrushing. It’s a mistake to think that the criminals will not risk tampering with a modified car, leaving it unattended.

If the changes include applying a small drawing or sticker, this will not stop professional thieves at all and will not cause them any difficulties. If they want to steal the car, the criminals will quickly dismantle all auxiliary patterns and clear the airbrushing to return the car to its original appearance.

If a unique design could really save you from theft, you’d see statistics about price reductions for such cars in insurance companies. In the modern world, removing any pattern from the car takes from 5 to 100 minutes. Volunteers and car search communities who patrol city areas will not detect the car based on special features only.

Tuning, scratches, individual interior design, or stickers — none of these can be a serious obstacle for the criminals. Such details only mean that one will have to tinker around with the car a bit longer.

If you value minimalism in design and you’re uncompromising in terms of car security, choose solutions that can prevent theft not via external but via technically advanced characteristics.

Anti-theft and security systems by AUTHOR-ALARM will surely cope with this task. Our products include all modern means of protecting cars against theft and carjacking: digital security systems, immobilizers, GSM modules, GSM/GPS search devices, auto-start devices, and keyless access blocking.

Every day we make digital breakthroughs in car security. Over 12 years, we’ve developed more than 30 solutions to protect cars against theft. They support over 50 car brands. Over 500,000 anti-theft systems have been installed so far.

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