Meet Author Flasher 4.0

Meet Author Flasher 4.0!

Its new features make the process of configuring AUTHOR devices clear and flexible and ensure a quality installation.

Key improvements:

1.   Upgraded design.
Updated interface — intuitive and user-friendly. On top of that, now the app is displayed correctly on any displays with a non-standard resolution.

2.   New and improved settings.
We have added and improved a number of settings:
●     Scale with precise accelerometer configuration (for nRF 7.9 and IGLA Alarm). Now you can set sensitivity of each sensor in the range from 0 to 255.

●     Control the setting "Notify of radio authorization in KLB with an external signal". This setting is responsible for whether or not Keyless Block disarming will be confirmed with an external indication flash when the owner approaches the car with the keyfob/smartphone.

●     Control the setting "Keyless access block".
 The setting is designed to select a method to get authorized in Keyless Block.

1.    Multi-authorization: disarm the system via keyfob/smartphone or standard key.

2.    Radio only: disarm the system via keyfob/smartphone.

3.    Alarm only: arm/disarm via standard key (the door sensor can only be used to arm the system).
●     Autostart key calculation screen. The new Author Flasher offers an improved key calculation screen. It shows whether the training is completed or not and whether the key has been calculated.

●     Enable the remote start training mode. Previously, one could enable the data reading mode for autostart training only manually with the car's standard buttons. Now you can do that automatically with Author Flasher.

3.   Update Author Flasher via Internet.
Meet the long-awaited function of software update via Internet. Now you can enjoy the most recent version of Author Flasher any time.

We are also planning to introduce Author Flasher support for new Bluetooth interfaces, including built-in standard Bluetooth modules for modern PCs and laptops.