Newest option of IGLA digital anti-theft system

IGLA’s newest option — super anti-carjack mode


The major advantage of the super anti-carjack option over anti-carjack is the ability to prevent theft and shield the driver if someone attempts carjacking at the boarding stage by disabling the alarm under threat. (For instance: at the parking lot or near the house driveway)
In situations like these, security systems block the engine, which may provoke aggression towards the driver.
Under the super anti-carjack shield, IGLA would not block the engine instantly, giving the carjacker time to drive away to a certain distance (about 300 m), enabling the driver to get to safety.
How it works
Despite any phones/radio keyfobs or any IGLA engine blocking systems in place, Super Anti-Carjack can be disabled only with a secret PIN code that should be entered while the engine is running .
If the car drives for over 300 meters, with no secret PIN entered, the system would make alarm signals on the dashboard, reminding to enter the PIN.
In case of failure to enter the PIN in 20 seconds after the alarm starts, IGLA activates all the exterior alarms (emergency lights and horn alarm) and brings the engine to a full stop at a safe speed)*
Super Anti-Carjack is off by default.

To activate Super Anti-Carjack:
1) Select Option 30 in IGLA menu.
2) Activate the option with Author Flasher 3.5.

To deactivate Super Anti-Carjack:
1) Select IGLA’s 17th option in the menu (all anti-theft modes are off).
2) Select IGLA’s 16th option (standard anti-carjack is on).
3) Activate the function with Author Flasher 3.5.

* Options change/vary depending on a product package, version, car type, and manufacturer. For more information, go to help.author-alarm.com, or contact Customer Support.

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