Important! COMPASS software updates to Version 1.1.15.

Information for owners of GSM/GPS COMPASS devices
We are excited to announce a new software version — 1.1.15!
We strongly recommend updating your device's firmware to Version 1.1.15.
Please note that starting from January 1, 2021  Version 1.1.11 and earlier will no longer be supported or updated.
Unless you update to Version 1.1.15 by year end, no further updates are available. The device will continue to work ONLY with the functionality of Version 1.1.11 or earlier.
To update, send an SMS command to the number of the SIM card installed in the system:
1. 1234<space>fwupdate+<space>fw1115 (where the first four numbers are password). For example: 1234 fwupdate+ fw1115
After sending this command, do NOT send any other commands or request the device’s location.
2. Wait for an SMS to confirm reflashing: Successfully completed.
3. To check successful update to Version 1.1.15, in the Author Connect mobile app, go to Settings, click Additional device information and make sure that Software version displays Version 1.1.15.
Or send an SMS command 1234 info to the number of the integrated SIM card and wait for an SMS with information about the current software version.
If your car is equipped with the IGLA anti-theft system or AUTOSTART module, pair these devices with COMPASS after the software update.
Watch a video instruction on how to pair the devices.