The 1.1.17 software version for COMPASS. - New options and improvements

AUTHOR has updated GSM/GPS COMPASS by launching a new software version 1.1.17.  
This version supports a new LBS server to detect location via basic GSM cellular communication networks. It also boasts an improved location detection via GPS.   
About LBS server
Previously, the manufacturer of modems used in various devices stopped operating its own location service via base stations, which resulted in most devices losing this function.
Our GSM/GPS COMPASS module was not an exception. 
To bring this useful function back to COMPASS users, we created our own LBS server*. 
From now on, even if there is no GPS signal, a car owner will still know the car’s location.
* This function is available when GPRS connection is active in Compass software versions starting from v1.1.16.
Increased speed of sending coordinates to the server
The v1.1.17 software update contains GPS improvements to ensure a better location detection, such as:
Increased speed of receiving GPS coordinates
Coordinates sent to the server when the car is moving
Latest coordinates recorded after turning off the ignition (IGLA installation required).
Now, when you open the mobile app, you can be sure the coordinates on the map are correct. 
How to update
To update COMPASS software, send an SMS command to the device’s mobile number:
1234<space>fwupdate (where the first four figures are password). 
After sending the command, please do NOT send any other commands and do NOT request the device’s coordinates. 
Wait for an SMS message confirming the software update. 
To check if updating software to Version 1.1.17 is successful, go to Settings in the Author Connect mobile app, click Information (More info about device) and make sure that Software version shows v1.1.17. You can also send the 1234 info SMS command to the device’s mobile number (where the first four figures are password) and wait for an SMS showing information regarding the current software version. 
* The v1.1.17 software update already contains new functions of v.1.1.16.