F-START — an immobilizer bypass device

Dear Users and Partners, 

We are delighted to introduce F-START — an immobilizer bypass device. 

What is F-START for?

Every time you wish to carry out autostart and bypass the standard immobilizer for cars equipped with the Start/Stop button, you have to find a secret place for the standard key and provide it with power supply from the on-board network. 

To that end, you have to disassemble the key and solder additional wires to its contacts. 

This requires experience and care. 

Only one mistake — and an expensive key can be irretrievably damaged.

F-START helps you solve this task in a simple, fast, and secure way.

How does F-START work?

F-START consists of two elements — an emulator made in the form factor of a standard CR2032 battery and a 12 V to 3.3 V voltage converter, both connected with a thin cable.

To make your car detect the standard key at the time of autostart, it is enough to install the emulator instead of the standard battery and connect the converter to the alarm control / autostart module output. 

Once it has received a command to start the engine remotely, F-START activates the car's key by applying voltage to the key's emulator. 

Once the standard immobilizer has recognized the key, it allows to start the engine remotely.