AUTOSTART — autostart and central lock control for Mazda CX-30

Great news for Mazda installers and owners! 

AUTHOR Team have implemented the autostart function via software bypass of the standard immobilizer for Mazda CX-30.

Now you can install AUTOSTART without using an additional bypass with a standard key in it. This will not only greatly simplify installation and strengthen protection against theft but also help you save on the insurance policy. 

To launch keyless autostart, it is enough to connect AUTOSTART to the digital CAN bus and train the device in a simple way. Visit our service portal for this car’s detailed installation map and instructions.
For AUTOSTART and IGLA PRO / IGLA ALARM, we have also added the control over the car’s standard central lock via the CAN bus.  Now you can remotely control your car’s central lock via the Author Connect mobile app when AUTOSTART / IGLA PRO / IGLA ALARM work jointly with the ATLAS / COMPASS GSM module.
Once ATLAS / COMPASS-based anti-theft or service set installed, just train AUTOSTART or IGLA PRO / IGLA ALARM. Follow these steps:
1. Close the car with the standard key.
2. Open the car with the standard key.