New algorithm for disarming Toyota and Lexus

Great news!

Our R&D Team have implemented a new algorithm for controlling the OE alarm system on Toyota and Lexus cars.

Previously, the owners of cars equipped with anti-theft systems by different manufacturers, including ours (based on COMPASS), often faced issues with standard alarm activation if they first locked the car using a standard keyfob/key, and then unlocked it via a mobile app.

To solve this problem, it was required:
1.Connect the central locking control wires from the anti-theft system to the wires of the driver's door lock cylinder.
2.Use the diagnostic equipment to switch on the control of the standard alarm ''by unlocking the driver's door lock cylinder''.

Obviously, that wasn’t the safest solution since it was possible to disarm the standard alarm just by turning the door lock insert.

We are happy to announce that our new algorithm is free from those drawbacks.

Now, after installing the COMPASS-based anti-theft kit, it is enough to simply "train" IGLA *.

This requires:
1. Close the car with Keyless.
2. Open the car with Keyless.
3. Close the car with Keyless.

Important. Training takes place when using keyless sensors/buttons on the car’s doors only.

Now, when the doors are unlocked via the mobile app, the standard alarm will not be triggered.

However, it is important to understand that unlocking/locking the car doors at the command of a mobile app is not an alternative to controlling the standard keyless access system.

To ensure proper operation of this function, after driving, use regular means of arming the car.

* The function requires IGLA software version 3.8.0 or higher.