IGLA C — digital blocking module for COMPASS

Our partners and customers have always dreamt of enabling COMPASS GSM devices to lock the engine remotely via the Author Connect mobile app.
As it is impossible to implement this function via a GSM device only, we have developed a special digital blocking module controlled with COMPASS commands via CAN bus.
Welcome IGLA C — digital engine blocking module for COMPASS !
The module is based on the IGLA anti-theft system from which it has borrowed special features and advantages such as:
● Digital engine blocking via CAN bus
● Possibility to connect an analog blocking
● Large number of supported cars (similar to IGLA)
● Ability to send status messages to the GSM device
● CAN bus short-circuit protection
● Tiny size and water protection
● Bluetooth software installation.
To launch IGLA C:
1. Install the software and connect it in the same way as for IGLA.
2. Connect the grey wire from the device to "+".
3. In the Author Connect mobile app, go to the "Engineer settings" menu and choose "IGLA Bind" action.
4. Disconnect the grey wire of the device from "+".
The device is ready to work.
Now it is enough to send the command "Block the engine" via the Author Connect mobile app and the engine will be blocked:
● When trying to start the engine (if the ignition is off).
● When trying to start the engine (if the ignition is off or the engine is started), after which the restart of the engine will be prohibited.
● When the speed is lower than 5 km/h or when the car is completely stopped (if the car is moving), after which restarting the engine will be disabled.
To disable blocking, send the command "Remove lock" via the Author Connect mobile app.
For COMPASS, it is possible to control blocking with SMS commands.
1234 immoblock+ — Enable engine blocking.
1234 immoblock- — Switch off engine blocking.
IGLA C also allows to send status messages to the owner via Author Connect:
● Ignition on and off
● Engine start and shut-off
● Central lock status
● Opening of doors, hood, trunk.
Support for new functions is available for COMPASS, starting from Version 1.1.15, and Author Connect, starting from Version 1.11.