Steal my car: how a large-scale event happened in Spain

This month our partners in Spain held a major event for IGLA with the Extrim Race, which was attended by over 20,000 people. The essence of the event was that our partners would give a car to anyone who managed to steal it. Obviously, the car had our flagship IGLA anti-theft system installed.

The theft involved starting the car and stealing it, no other means were considered. There was no use of violence or intimidation against the owner, the regular driver, or anyone who had information about the IGLA installation and how to disable it. No more than three minutes were given to attempt. Each applicant could participate only once. The main prize for a successful attempt was that same car.

Unfortunately, car theft is something we have to deal with every day. Every day the statistics of brands and models is replenished with new ones — especially expensive ones. The more expensive they are, the more desirable they are for thieves.

IGLA is a digital immobilizer that protects the car against all types of theft. Only the owner will be able to start the car via a PIN code, keyfob, or mobile app. It is equipped with an anti-theft module and comfort features depending on the car's brand, model, and equipment. The connection is carried out via the CAN bus, so in most car models there's no need to cut the cables, which allows you to maintain the original factory warranty.

The event in Spain once again confirmed the reliability and efficiency of IGLA solutions. Our anti-theft products make car theft almost impossible due to technical features and time required. As a result, the thieves, when faced with a car with our devices installed, stop trying to steal it.

Each event participant was given a discount on IGLA 231, IGLA ALARM, or any of them with IGLA GPS. The discount is valid until February 29 and can be used on the website

We thank everyone for their participation and we're sure that our partners from all over the world will be interested in such events. Our clients' safety is our priority and we're committed to continuing to develop the products that provide an utmost protection against car theft.