IGLA: settings for automatic exit from service mode

Today, we are happy to introduce a new option: manage the automatic system exit from the service mode.

Previously, to exit the service mode, the car owner had to enter an authorization PIN code. The exit could also be automatic if a car was driving for more than 15 minutes non-stop with a speed of 50 km/h.
Time settings could not be changed and it was not always convenient for the owner.

Now, Author Flasher allows to set up:

Car driving time, after which the car will exit from the service mode (from 0 to 60 minutes).
Parking time, after which the traffic timer will be reset for automatic exit from the service mode (from 0 to 60 minutes).

The function is available for all IGLA models starting from software version 3.8.0 and Author Flasher 3.10.0.