WEB PORTAL. Personal accounts for corporate clients

Dear Partners,

As you know, we are planning to have the tracking feature available soon. It will enable you to develop/open the Fleet business direction on your market (Car Rentals, Taxi Companies, Courier Services, and others).

In this regard, here is a quick overview of a new web portal for corporate clients that will be available in July 2021.

Order COMPASS GPS, get access to your personal account, and enjoy the following features:
● Check your devices and their current status.
● Assign individual names to devices.
● Display the devices on the map.
● Register personal operators for monitoring.
● Get full information about any device, including;
● Current security status
● Online / offline status with a detailed history of communications
● Event feed
● Current location of the device
● SIM card balance.

Send commands to the device:
● Enable/disable the engine block. (If IGLA Next / Alarm or IGLA C is included in the kit.)
● Request information about the device.
● Update firmware.