Unified products

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

We are delighted to inform you about our latest project — the release of unified products.

We have previously announced the transition to new boxes, but this is only the first step in a large project.

The main idea is to make our products more rational and user-friendly.

To achieve this goal, we have made several important changes.

First, we unified personal owner cards and brief manuals that come together with IGLA systems. They became more informative and understandable to users from different countries.

Second, we developed graphic manuals that are available in 12 languages in information leaflets. This will help clients better understand how to use our products.

Third, we added QR codes into brief user manuals. The QR codes lead to full online manuals that are available in six languages. We are also working hard to translate online manuals into other languages.

The new approach is implemented starting from our flagship products — IGLA and IGLA ALARM. We will be selling these products in the new design in the very near future.

We hope the new approach will make our products not only more attractive but also even more user-friendly.