New Keyless Block Pro and Flasher 3.11 functions

Our Team are actively developing anti-theft technologies, modules, and applications, adding new and useful features. 

Previously, we told you about using the Author Flasher utility to configure your IGLA anti-theft system, and now it's the turn of Keyless Block Pro. 

The new version of Author Flasher v3.11 has a convenient menu that allows you to configure Keyless Block Pro modes and options, such as:
- Service Mode
- User authorization type
- External input authorization control
- Analog lock output inversion
- Notification of authorization by radio with the light signal
- Additional options
- Smartphone as a keyfob.

A major update has been made to the Keyless Block Pro menu, which can be set up using the pedals:

- Eliminated intersection of Autostart and Keyless Block Pro settings menus. Previously, if both products were installed, there was a risk to accidentally activate the same menu items on both devices.
- Eliminated risk of accidentally disabling Keyless Block Pro settings when attempting to change the authorization PIN combination via the reset code.