Meet Author Flasher 3.9.1

AUTHOR Team are working hard to upgrade our products. Today, we are happy to introduce a new AUTOSTART feature. Now, IGLA and Autostart are able to communicate via keyfob.
How it works
IGLA recognizes a keyfob and sends a signal to Autostart to stop the engine letting the driver enter the car without any additional actions. You don’t need a key to get into the car any longer!
How I get this feature activated
You can configure this function in two ways:
1)Via AUTOSTART menu:
· select #22 in the options menu — switching on the engine shut-off function via keyfob
· select #23 in the options menu (set as default) — switching off the engine shut-off function via keyfob
· Open Author Flasher.
· Connect AUTOSTART to your PC via Bluetooth and select it from the list of available devices, and click "Configure".
· Select "On" or "Off" in Section "Stop Autostart when keyfob appears".
Software for this function:
● Autostart — v1.2.0
● IGLA — v3.5.1* When operating together with ATLAS or COMPASS.
** All the versions after Author Flasher 3.9.1
Meet Author Flasher 3.9.1
Author Flasher 3.9.1 allows to set up AUTOSTART, IGLA, IGLA PRO, and IGLA ALARM in one click!
1. For IGLA, "alarm button" implemented.
2. For AUTOSTART from Version 1.2.0, the following settings are available:
· "Display when the engine is on" — turn on /off the external display when Autostart works.
· "AUTOSTART control via alarm" turn on /off control of autostart via standard key.
· "Autostart control via external input" — turn on/off control of autostart via signal from an external device.
· "Comfort" — turn on/off comfort functions.
· "MT case is installed" — set the type of transmission.
· "Option" — turn on/off an additional function.
· "Bluetooth module" — turn on/off a Bluetooth module.
· "Stop Autostart when FOB appears" — turn on/off the engine with IGLA when a keyfob appears.
· "Start Algorithm" — control setting for cars with MT case and Start-Stop button.
Now, to enable or disable any functions, you don’t need to click on the service button. All settings are via Author Flasher — either before installing the device in the car or after. Just connect the system to your PC via Bluetooth, find it in the list of available devices, and click "Configure".