More than protection against key reprogramming

Progress is rapidly moving forward, especially in the car industry. Today, car manufacturers offer countless options aimed at comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. They’re making a special focus on protecting cars against unauthorized access, which also applies to standard keyfobs. These are complex high-tech devices with a high degree of security.

Unfortunately, this is not a panacea because the thieves manage to find new ways to produce digital copies of standard keyfobs by exploiting vulnerabilities in the car's firmware and by using special equipment.

Connecting to the diagnostics, the thieves can copy standard keyfobs from the car’s memory, add an additional keyfob, and even turn off the standard security system. Then they get hold of your car straight away.

Protection against key reprogramming is a unique anti-theft feature implemented in IGLA systems. This software-based protection proved to be excellent, preventing any attempts to steal cars via the key reprogramming method. However, due to technical specifications of some cars, the feature may not always be available. That’s why we provide an extra feature Diagnostic exchange blocking. It helps you make the protection even stronger, and it was specifically developed to boost the Protection against key reprogramming feature.

What do I get?

The new feature will prevent any car thief from performing unauthorized diagnostics aimed to:

- Reprogram the car's standard keyfobs.

- Reconfigure electronic units to disable the standard immobilizer.

- Open the central lock, windows, or trunk.

- Read diagnostic data to detect the location of analog blockings, or in rare cases, the type of digital blockings.

How it works

With this feature on, access to diagnostics is denied once IGLA has switched into the Armed mode. If you’ve passed authorization or while in the Service or Transport modes, access to diagnostics is restored.

- You can enable or disable the feature via the Options menu.

- By default, the feature Diagnostic exchange blocking is disabled.

For more details regarding available features, just contact a certified installation center in your region.