Dear Colleagues and Partners,

We've been working hard on a major firmware update 1.4 for the AUTOSTART module.

AUTOSTART v1.4 is one of the biggest updates for this device. The update contains not only various improvements but also other useful features.

You can download the new firmware on our service portal.

What's new in AUTOSTART v1.4?

Soft Start

A highlight of the new firmware is the Soft Start feature (the so-called "ignition takeover"). Previously, the device did not allow you to immediately start driving while AUTOSTART was running. When you opened a door, AUTOSTART's operation was interrupted, after which you had to start the engine again and only then drive.

The feature enables you to start driving immediately while AUTOSTART is still running. Plus, engine operation is not interrupted any longer.

How it works

The new feature can operate in two modes: jointly with a keyfob (if IGLA is installed) or without it.

To enable the feature, go to AUTHOR Flasher's Options menu, and click Finish AUTOSTART with Soft Start:

1. Enable the feature — AUTOSTART is running, plus:

· A keyfob/smartphone has appeared within IGLA's range.

· The central lock is opened via AUTOSTART on command from the COMPASS universal telematic module.

2. Open the driver's door: the engine will keep running. The driver can open any doors and the trunk. However, if the driver's door is not opened, "ignition takeover" will not occur.

3. Turn on ignition:

· For cars with a mechanical ignition lock, place the key into the lock and turn it to the IGN position.

· For cars with a Start/Stop button, the action depends on a car model.

Control over the ignition system will shift from AUTOSTART to the standard one.

  1. Press the brake pedal. If the programmable neutral setting is enabled (for manual transmission), release the parking brake then. Now you can start driving.

Turbo timer

It's a popular feature relevant for cars equipped with a turbine engine. It allows the engine to continue idling for several minutes (from 1 to 5) after you turn off ignition, so the turbine can cool down to have a longer life.

How it works

You can configure the Turbo Timer feature in the Options menu (by using pedals) — via Author Flasher or Author Connect.

To set the operating time for the turbo timer in the Options menu, follow these steps:

1. Press the gas pedal as far as it goes, turn on ignition but do not start the engine. Indication signals will be occurring once every 3 seconds.

2. Release the gas pedal.

3. Briefly press the gas pedal as far as it goes once (to enter the submenu for turbo timer settings). This will be followed by a single indication signal.

4. Press the brake pedal as follows:

Once — turn off the turbo timer.

Twice — turn on the turbo timer for 1 minute.

Three times — turn on the turbo timer for 3 minutes.

Four times — turn on the turbo timer for 5 minutes.

The device will confirm the value with a relevant number of indication flashes.

5. Turn off ignition.

Enable the turbo timer.

1. With the engine running, apply the parking brake. The timer will start and keep running for the time specified in the settings.

2. Turn off ignition. The engine will keep running.

3. Once the time has elapsed, AUTOSTART will shut off the engine and turn off ignition.

You can choose a method to finish autostart

The new feature allows the user to define under which conditions autostart will finish.

The setting "Methods to finish autostart" enables you to choose one:

· Standard method (by timer, on command from the standard keyfob, external input, or application).

· Autostart is finished when you produce a keyfob (if IGLA is installed).

· Autostart is finished with the Soft Start feature.

Options menu greatly expanded

Now you can configure the device's features not only via Author Flasher but also using the Options menu.

Setting "Select an ICE"

The new setting allows you to set a delay in starting the engine after you turn on ignition:

· For the gasoline engine — 2 seconds

· For the diesel engine — 6 seconds (by default).

It is available in the Options menu (configuration via pedals) and Author Flasher.

You can display readings of engine temperature, mileage, and fuel level

Now Author Connect can display information about engine temperature, mileage, and fuel level. *

It is available if AUTOSTART works together with COMPASS.

The feature's operation depends on the car’s brand, model, and equipment.

Conditions for emergency termination of autostart expanded

Now AUTOSTART can carry out early termination of the engine autostart process by fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure, or CAN bus short circuit. *

The feature's operation depends on the car’s brand, model, and equipment.

The source of commands and termination events for AUTOSTART are now visible

Now, Author Connect's even feed displays whether autostart is started/finished via the standard keyfob or external input. In case of emergency termination, the event feed shows a particular event.

Now you can pair AUTOSTART with COMPASS via the CAN2 bus

Previously, it was possible to pair AUTOSTART with COMPASS and make them work together only if the GSM module was connected to the car's CAN bus to which AUTOSTART's CAN1 bus was connected.

Fortunately, this limitation is over. With the new firmware, AUTOSTART can interact not only via the CAN1 bus but also via the CAN2 bus, which greatly simplifies the installation process.

A new table for configuration of AUTOSTART's operation period

In the new firmware, we've redesigned the table for configuration of AUTOSTART's operation period. Now it's user-friendly and intuitive. You can configure the operation period both via the table (by using pedals) and via Author Flasher.

The new features are supported for the following devices:

- IGLA v3.5

- COMPASS v1.18

- Author Flasher v4.6

- Author Connect v1.18.