We are pleased to announce our cutting-edge product for professional use — TS 100 digital probe tester.

This testing device is a great assistant in installing additional equipment, troubleshooting, and diagnosing the car’s standard electrical equipment with onboard voltage of 12 and 24 volts.

TS 100 is equipped with automatic and manual detection of CAN, LIN, W-Bus, and K-Line digital buses as well as a voltmeter and pulse generator. This all makes the device functional and user-friendly.

Key features:
Oscilloscope mode with recording function: watch and analyze the signal diagram in real-time.
Measure conductivity of the "Ground" electrical circuit. It enables the electrician to detect confidently the electrical circuits required to diagnose and install additional equipment.   
OLED display for bright and high-contrast images in any lighting conditions.
Working area backlighting with ultra-bright LED backlighting.    
USB port for software updates and charging, which makes the device universally available and easy to use.
This device is a must-have for car electronics specialists to ensure quality repair and upgrade.