New IGLA 100 – universal digital lock

AUTHOR Team proudly present the new IGLA 100 — an additional digital lock module controlled by commands from an external security system. To design this product, AUTHOR developers have applied the most up-to-date technological and software solutions.


The control device for IGLA 100 can be a security system by any manufacturer, including an analog immobilizer, satellite system, GSM / GPS tracker or a beacon. If the control system is disarmed or the authorization is successfully passed — IGLA 100 does not prevent the engine from starting.
IGLA 100 works in ALARM mode
The function allows protecting the car even if the carjacker disconnects the main control device. This requires installing two IGLA 100 devices.
Key features:
Output for additional analog lock
Tiny size and stealth installation
Tight, protected from dust, moisture, high and low temperatures
Software installed via Bluetooth
Easy to install and configure