New features on the service portal

Hi Team, 

At your request, we have implemented new handy features on our service portal.

1. The Questions and Answers feature allows any user of the service portal to ask a question about a device's operation and functions, report inaccuracies in description or incorrect operation of firmware. 

To that end, each car/product card has a Q&A tab where you can ask a question regarding information contained in the card.

Once a request processed, the user receives a response from the portal administrator in Questions and Answers. The section is on the home page of the portal. Besides, the section allows you to see not only your requests and answers but also those of other users. Just use our handy system of question search. 

Tab Questions and Answers in the car card

Sample answer in Questions and Answers

2. Now you can download car cards in .pdf and display information icons.
Next to the car card, there are now visual icons showing the presence/absence of certain key features, such as:
  • Engine Start Inhibit via the CAN bus
  • Engine Shut-off via the CAN bus
  • Alarm Logic (for IGLA ALARM/ECO)
  • Standard Immobilizer Digital Bypass (for AUTOSTART).