Author Connect v.1.19 — easy setup of AUTHOR-ALARM systems via Bluetooth

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

Meet the new version of the mobile user application Author Connect 1.19 for IOS and Android.

Previously, the user could configure AUTHOR-ALARM devices only if the COMPASS module was installed. Thanks to the Author Connect v.1.19 update, the user can now configure AUTHOR-ALARM systems (IGLA, IGLA ALARM, AUTOSTART, and KEYLESS BLOCK Pro) via Bluetooth. *

For IGLA and IGLA ALARM, the following settings are available:

- Anti-theft and security features

- Sensitivity of shock, tilt, and motion sensors

- The system's recognition range for keyfobs and smartphones

- Comfort features (automatic closing of windows and sunroof, and folding of mirrors)

- Anti-carjacking

- Control of the standard Start-Stop system.

You can configure AUTOSTART via Bluetooth:

- Set up engine autostart algorithms and conditions.

- Enable/disable comfort features (automatic closing of windows and the sunroof).

You can configure KEYLESS BLOCK PRO via Bluetooth:

- Anti-theft and security features

- The system's recognition range for keyfobs and smartphones.

Previously, one was able to configure those features only via the “service” button or using a PC via Author Flasher, which made them not very user-friendly. Now, using the new version of the Author Connect v.1.19 application, even an ordinary user can easily configure their devices directly via a smartphone without having to contact a service center. Just open Author Connect v.1.19 on your smartphone, get connected to your equipment via Bluetooth and configure it with just a few clicks.**

Just follow these steps:

1.Download and install Author Connect v.1.19 on your smartphone.

2.Launch Author Connect v.1.19 and click Bluetooth settings.

3.Switch the devices below into relevant modes:

- IGLA/IGLA ALARM — into the PIN Change mode;

- AUTOSTART — into the Firmware Update mode;

- KEYLESS BLOCK PRO — into the Firmware Update mode.

The service indication signal on the dashboard will be repeating once per three seconds.

4.In Available devices, devices available for connection will be displayed.

5.Select a device — it will get connected via Bluetooth and available settings will be displayed on the screen. Carry out relevant settings.

6.Turn off ignition.

The setup is complete.