COMPASS — new SMS commands

We are happy to inform you about introducing new COMPASS SMS commands. Our team have worked hard to expand the current set of commands, so all necessary functions are always with you!
More numbers for sending alarm messages.
The updated COMPASS enables you to set up to 5 additional phone numbers, which will send notifications in case of alarm events such as:
● Activity at a discrete output of the device
● IGLA lockout triggering* 
● Anti-carjacking function triggering
● Normal alarm triggering; 
● Attempt to reprogram standard keys.
Now, you will definitely not miss an important message!
1234 set N1 +70123456789 — Record the first alarm number. 
1234 set N2 +79876543210 — Record the second alarm number. 
1234 set N? — Request the alarm number.
1234 set N2 - Reset the second alarm number.
*Subject to the IGLA anti-theft system installed in the car and paired with COMPASS.
Remote engine lock
In case of emergency, you can now always block your car engine by sending an SMS command. Until you send the command to disable the block, the car will not move even if a thief managed to steal a smartphone or keyfob for authorization.
1234 immoblock+ engine lock command
1234 immoblock- — engine unlock command
* Subject to the IGLA anti-theft system installed in the car and paired with COMPASS.
Discrete output control
To increase variability of using COMPASS with additional equipment, we have expanded the capabilities of discrete output control. Two outputs are now available for control:
● Green wire — external output 1 "-"
● Yellow wire —- external output 2 "-".
Each output can be activated for a certain period, from 1 to 10,000 seconds.
1234 out1 on — activation of output 1 (green)
1234 out1 off — output deactivation
1234 out2 on 100 — activation of output 2 (yellow) for 100 seconds 
Pairing COMPASS with IGLA
To enable COMPASS to interact with IGLA digital antitheft systems, pair it with the device beforehand. Now you can pair/unpair your device not only via the Author Connect mobile app but also via an SMS command.
1234 set can immo+ — command to pair with IGLA
1234 set can immo- — command to disconnect from IGLA
 New commands are available in Compass v1.1.15 and a higher software version.