E-Mark for COMPASS

Author Team are happy to announce that our GPS/GSM COMPASS module has successfully completed the homologation procedure. Now COMPASS has got the E-Mark!

This certificate confirms that our product has passed all tests in the accredited laboratory and meets all requirements to be traded in EU countries in accordance with relevant legal regulations. Moreover, it demonstrates that the product’s features and components meet requirements of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe law on road safety, human health, and environmental safety.  

The GPS/GSM COMPASS module boasts the following advantages: 

Convenient control via smartphone
Car location determined via GPS/GSM geolocation data
Remote engine start (when installed together with AUTOSTART)
Car owner notified instantly of any change in the controlled zone (when installed together with IGLA) 
SIM card balance controlled via mobile app
Tiny size and protection against external impact
Powered by the car’s on-board power supply
Two alarm clocks to send location on schedule
Sleep mode              
The E-Mark certificate obtained to prove our leadership in quality car security solutions!