Author Connect 1.18

Dear Users and Partners,
We are delighted to confirm the release of a new version for Author CONNECT — V1.18.
New features:
✅ Now you can manage Autostart and the central lock via the application icon.
✅ We have improved the display of events in the application feed.
✅ Now you can check if Engine Blocking is on before you switch IGLA into the Service mode.
✅ Besides, we support the following languages:
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Greek
  • Japanese.
Author CONNECT V1.18 is soon available in App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery. Depending on your smartphone settings, it can be updated automatically or manually.
More about new features
Now you can manage features via the application icon
The most demanded features of Author Connect include the ability to manage Engine Autostart and the central lock.
To help users access these features faster, we have added the ability to manage them directly via the mobile app icon.
Improved display of events in the feed
Now you can easily find any events in the feed. We have added a special Alert! symbol to alarm events, so you can quickly find the event amid others.
To make the search even more convenient, events are shown in breakdown by days and dates. For example, events for today or yesterday.
Obviously, the updated feed of events looks much better.
Now you can check if Engine Blocking is on before you switch IGLA into the Service mode
When you turn on the Service mode via the application while Engine Blocking is on, a notification will appear on the main screen, saying "The car is blocked. To continue with the Service mode, please allow to turn off the blocking."
If you agree, Engine Blocking is turned off and the Service mode is turned on.