An unusual theft method: how do they steal cars using the headlight wiring?

Digital data buses are an integral part of any modern car.

They are called CAN buses. They help electronic units and vehicle systems communicate with one another.

Among other wires, CAN buses are laid in many places in the car, from unit to unit. Car headlights are no exception. They are often managed digitally via the CAN bus.

Car thieves have learned to use the CAN bus to steal or open cars — the main thing is to get connected to the CAN bus via special equipment in any accessible place. One of these places is the CAN bus going to the headlight, which can be easily accessed from outside the car. Just remove a few clips holding the front locker and, putting your hand behind it, feel the wiring going to the headlight.

Next, the criminals get connected to the CAN bus and, without any difficulty and unnecessary manipulations, open the doors, disarm the standard alarm and start the engine.

Stealing a car just got easier

Previously, the criminals gained access to the CAN bus via the OBD port, for which they needed to get into the car. This process was much more complicated, time-consuming, and increased risks. Now car thieves have learned to gain access to the CAN bus even without breaking the doors.

The fact that all data transmitted over the bus are not protected by encryption also plays into the hands of the thieves. Car manufacturers believed that encryption was only required when transmitting data outside, and car thieves quickly discovered this vulnerability.

Theft using the CAN connection is not widespread yet. But experts say that given the relative ease of the method, we can expect its popularity among criminals to grow rapidly.

How can you tell if someone tried to steal your car?

If the criminals were unable to steal the car in one attempt, the theft attempt can be recognized by damage to the wing and headlight housing, as well as suspicious malfunctions in the systems. If you've discovered these signs but haven't taken any security measures, there's no doubt that the thieves will definitely return and complete the job.

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