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A.Connect v1.19
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Configure systems via Bluetooth
— Configure anti-theft and security features of your system.

— Configure the sensitivity of shock, tilt, and motion sensors.

— Set a range for the system to interact with keyfobs and smartphones.

— Enable or disable the automatic closing of windows and sunroof, and folding of mirrors.

— Enable or disable the blocking of the standard Start-Stop system.

—Configure the Anti-carjacking feature.

Just click Configurations and follow on to Configuration via Bluetooth.

*The features depend on the system's model and connection type, as well as on the car's brand, model, year of manufacture, and equipment.

Three simple steps for configuration

1. Switch your system into the following modes:

· IGLA — into the PIN Change mode

· AUTOSTART — into theFirmware Update mode

· KEYLESS BLOCK — into theFirmware Update mode.

2. In Author Connect Settings, click Bluetooth settings.

3. Get connected to a device via Bluetooth and implement relevant settings.

Attention. If you wish to configure features via Bluetooth, use only AUTHOR devices with Firmware Version 7.9.6 or higher. To check your firmware version, please contact an authorized installation center.